Learning English Online + Help With Homework

With Tutorsol, you will have the benefit of studying with qualified specialist teachers. They will outline a comprehensive learning plan for each student, and it will focus on improving every child’s vocabulary to a level where it needs to be for primary school. With this, students will enhance their comprehension of passages. Additionally, they will develop a better understanding of what the author conveys, and they will also comprehend word meanings. Vocabulary helps students to articulate themselves efficiently. Hence, the course introduces students to new words that will enable them to express themselves better. The introduction of new words is systematic, with practical examples that will help students grasp concepts effectively.

About Our English Teaching Faculty

We have a simple target at Tutorsol, which is to make all our students successful at what they do. We want them to get precise and fruitful knowledge in their various subjects. Regarding English, we aim to enhance students’ abilities to enhance their abilities. Some of the things we strive for are improvement in creativity and logical thinking; listening skills are of immense importance, too. We design specific strategies tailored to individual students rather than something across the board. This will ensure that the method is suitable for each learner individually.

Get To Know All About Our Teaching Methods

The teachers handling our US curriculum are specialists in their respective fields. You will find them to display the following qualities:

  • Creative, coming up with new thoughts and strategies often
  • Willing to take risks to ensure students’ development
  • Sensitive to students’ backgrounds and ideologies
  • Thoughtful about giving students the confidence to empower them
  • Detail-oriented and focused on the important details
  • The ability to connect with each and every student
  • Open toward different learning methods that learners find beneficial
  • Dedicated and committed toward students’ betterment
  • Focused on enhancing students’ creativity through discussions


How Do We Function?

  • The first step is a test to understand the student’s potential
  • Then, our specialist teacher conducts a demo live teaching session
  • Regular tutoring sessions will be arranged based on the outcome
  • The timings for classes will be completely flexible 24×7.
  • Lessons plans will be customizable according to the student’s needs
  • There is no barrier toward acceptance of various learning styles
  • The progression of the student will be carefully monitored and analyzed