Critical Friends Groups (CFGs) have a specific and clear aim, which is to formulate an atmosphere that will enable students to grow with a vision and pathway in mind. With CFGs, teaching institutions and educationists will obtain the formulas and supports that will allow them to provide students with this procedure.

Members of CFG aim to help out each other by being frank and honest, holding each other accountable and ensuring everyone progresses with ease. The factor of critical friendship is important to help each other develop. Educationists share their thoughts and methods and engage communities, helping to formulate a collaborative culture to enable friendly and fruitful interactions.

Educators utilize this “critical friendship” to brainstorm and devise formulas that will prove to be effective. They assist each other with the implementation of new ideas, and relationships between the educationists are dependent on trusting each other. Judgmental attitudes are a strict no-no. The most common practice is to form groups to discuss each others’ work and projects, with the focus being on the betterment of students.